Animator’s Journey Intermediate Application

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This is a 12-week course with a new batch of lessons released at the start of each week. The goal is for you to learn body mechanics and a versatile set of skills like camera, creature, mocap, and game animation in addition to body mechanics. And you will create between 1 and 2 new demo reel shots. We will meet for 30 min twice a week for feedback on your work with an optional group call on Sundays. If accepted, the tuition will be $3,497.

Please submit your application below if you’re interested in being considered for the March 13th, 2023 start.

What Is Your Level Of Animation?*
How many hours per week can you devote to learning and practice?*

If you don't have time for live reviews, they can be recorded, but I prefer to give live reviews if our times allow.

How much are you prepared to invest to become a 3D animator?
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What’s covered in this 12 week course? You’ll have lifetime access to lecture topics covering:

  • Mastering Posing
  • Walk/Runs/Start/Stops
  • Jumps/Weight Lifts
  • Python for Animators
  • Cartoony Animation
  • Cinematography (Camera Animation)
  • Mocap Animation
  • Game Animation + Cinematics (Unreal Engine)
  • Quadruped Animation
  • Flying Animation
  • Layering Method
  • Production Knowledge + Getting Hired
  • 12 weeks of private 1-on-1 mentorship
    • We’ll meet 2x30min weekly
    • Sunday Office Hour for group
    • If you can’t attend a review, they can be recorded and sent to you

You’ll access several Kitbash3D environments worth $500 and have 10 rigs to choose from for you exercises, including feature-quality rigs of a lioness and dragon for the creature weeks if you choose to attempt a creature animation for one of your demo reel shots. The other rigs are all intended for body mechanics.